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There are some easy ways to make money online. When most people think of making money online, they think of scams and illegitimate promises. Unfortunately this still happens and it has scared the innocent people into believing that there are no legitimate work from home options. It has been proven over and over again that people can be extremely successful from home and everyone has an equal chance of becoming a 6 figure income earner. It really just depends on how hard you work.
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Some easy ways to make money online include being an affiliate for a business and selling products on the side. This will not allow you to quit your day job, but it could help you pay your cell phone bill each month. Being an affiliate for a business has a small investment and not a huge time commitment. This option is popular for work at home moms or beginner online marketers.

Another way is to add AdSense or royalty payments to your blog. If you like blogging about a certain topic and you are getting many views each day. This would be another great way to earn extra money while doing something you like and working from home.

Easy ways to make money online are easy for a reason, they do pay but they will not pay you an income. If you are really looking for a way to earn your entire income from working at home you will need to look at a business opportunity. If you have the skills necessary and are dedicated to working hard, the money won't come easy, but it will come. You will be able to get a raise on your own terms.
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So when someone mentions an easy work at home opportunity. Remember that sure, there are easy ways but easy ways will only give you dollars a day instead of thousands. The choice is up to you.